S.DIVYADARSHINI IAS Collector-Dharmapuri-All India First Rank Holder TAMILNADU

Prabha IAS Academy has been my ‘alma mater’ through my journey into the IAS. The Institute provided me my platform to make a launch to my success as I learnt the basics about the service, the examination and values in service from my Guru and Guide, Mr. Prabhakaran (Sir) who has been my inspiration and support all through. This place is my second home where I spent most of the time preparing for the exam and it helped me make my mark. I will always proudly say that, “I am a Prabha’s product


The best word that would describe the kind of efforts required for the civil services exams is the word “perseverance”. This is one examination which requires continuous hard work with a lot of tolerance as the process is long and requires that one doesn’t lose heart. Unlike CAT or GATE or many other examinations, the CSE is not very technical and is more of general nature. Difficulty levels too are not very high. However, the vastness of the syllabi, the sheer diversity of the questions asked and the analytical as well as pragmatic nature of the answers expected is testimony to the fact that the UPSC expects candidates to possess the right aptitude, lot of positive attitude and clear neutrality. The interview is another stage where the personality of an individual is put to test. Be sure that you present a positive attitude and present your true self. Any amount of artificial masking is doom to collapse sooner or later during the interview process. This is my opinion of the entire selection process. About Prabha IAS Academy, I should say that I have drawn a lot of inspiration from Prabhakaran sir. A great man indeed...I am very grateful to him for being able to show me and many others the right direction. He is certainly a specialist in public administration and a man on a mission. I was lucky to find his institute. Thanks to a friend who referred me to him while I was working in Bangalore. Since then there has been no looking back. A fatherly figure, Prabhakaran sir has been a key guiding force in me being able to join the Indian Administrative Service.


I joined Prabha IAS academy shortly after I had failed to clear the prelims in my first attempt. Prabakaran sir realized that I had the potential to clear the exam and put me in the " best batch" straightaway. Also sir guided me in changing my optional from medical science to public administration. I was ready to work hard with utmost sincerity and team prabha - prabakaran sir, sangeetha ma'am , Shyam all instilled a lot of faith and belief in me. Another key to my preparation were the weekly tests... I never missed a single test and took each and every test as if it was my UPSC exam. As a result, within a short span of 9 months I was ready for the exams and cleared the exams in the-same-year. I always respected the institute as a temple, if you are sincere and dedicated in your efforts and preparation, Prabha IAS Academy will definitely help you achieve your dreams !


The only coaching institute I attended for the entire preparation is Prabha IAS IPS Academy, Chennai. The institute offered me everything that was required. The courage and motivation given by the Director was the only propelling factor that made me take up this exam again and again after successive failures. The hard work that the Director and faculty put in to create the study material came very handy at each stage of the exam. The numerous model tests help one in time management and provide adequate practice to face the exam. The systematic and on time coverage of syllabus leaves adequate time for revision. In interaction with senior officers from the field and officers of the recent batches provided insight of the system. The colleagues I met at the institute were not only instrumental in ensuring success in the exam but have also become indispensable part of life. I owe to the Institute in more than one way! Wishing success to all aspirants. R. Menaka IAS


First and foremost thing i like about Sir is his motivation factor.The unique method of class &test combination for mains optionals course is immensely helpful in developing the writing skill,which is very much needed to clear mains.Sir's polity class gave a basic clarity on Indian constitution in short duration.Sir's speech about honesty,integrity and people-oriented thoughts during class hours guides us in the right direction.I like to thank you for this success again Sir.


It's been eight years since I joined the Indian Foreign Service. I owe my success in no small measure to the training i received at the Prabha academy. These years in the foreign service have been extremely rewarding professionally and personally. I have worked in Egypt and now currently in the High Commission of India in Bangladesh. The foreign service helps one understands and be a part of Indian foreign policy. It also helps in serving Indian nationals living in the country. The experience of helping stranded Indians in Egypt and Libya was extremely humbling. Reaching out to fellow countrymen through the Embassies and the government and reaching them back safely home is the greatest satisfaction that I have got in the last eight years. Travelling from country to country, performing varied tasks assigned to you keeps the charm of the foreign service intact. The training imparted at Prabhas academy is geared to achieving success not just in the civil services exams but also in the task one performs after joining the work.. The concise manner of teaching the subjects, clear elucidation of concepts and principles help students of varied backgrounds lose their fear of the civil service exams and achieve success. I am happy to be a part of this academy and would like to wish all success in shaping careers and creating a vibrant dynamic India


I joined Prabha academy immediately after completing MA. On prabhakar sir's advice I chose pub ad as optional. Sir's understanding of the subject and teaching method with practical examples are unparalleled. Regular weekly tests and discussion sessions after each test proved very useful. Pub ad & geography were my optionals for the main exam. Sir analysed and discussed each and every concept in class and gave excellent guidance on how to approach a question and accordingly present an answer. Mock interview sessions conducted by sir and a panel of senior serving officers was very useful and helped face the interview board with confidence and composure. I cleared the exam with AIR 169 and joined IFS. I owe my success to God's grace, my parents' blessings and prabhakar sir's able guidance, motivation and meticulous coaching.


I have attended the upsc interview thrice and I got through on the second time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that my best result came when I followed prabha sir’s suggestions.Most important reason for prabha ias clicking in this exam is that sir has got a finger on the pulse of the system. He knows what works in this exam. He doesn’t give you easy solutions but smart solutions. In a written examination you need writing practice, which is what most of us lack.And you need to face as many similar exam situations to face the upsc interview. And both the crucial things are available in prabha ias academy.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prabhakaran sir who has been instrumental in my success . Sir’s guidance enabled me to work efficiently and effectively especially for prelims as I had only a short span of time at my disposal because I was working . Continuous test series and inputs from sir on the writing pattern enabled me to streamline my writing during the Main examination . Test series on all topics helped me to cover the syllabus.Sir's guidance and motivation especially during the interview period was very useful . Mock interviews with various panels enabled me to identify my weak areas and to rectify the same . Sir's continuous motivation gave me a lot of confidence in facing the interview board . Once again I thank sir and All the staff of the institute for making me to get the All India Service.

KAVITHA ,2020 Batch IRTS

I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Prabhakaran sir for building confidence in me to face the interview. More than guiding on what to study, sir's motivation was really great. It helped me to overcome all the fear and doubts I had and devise my own strategy. My interview got postponed for 4 months due to Covid -19 lockdown. In this uncertain situation, sir's guidance and motivation kept me focussed in preparation. Positivity and motivation factor we get here in Prabha IAS IPS academy is unique and that's most needed for any civil service aspirant. Sir's optimistic approach and level of dedication is really inspirational. I thank Sangeetha Ma'am for providing personal care and guidance. I feel proud to be a part of this academy.


Prabha IAS IPS Academy acted as stepping stone to ensue my dream of becoming a civil servant. The support and guidance which I got from it was impeccable. They helped me in identifying the strengths and weaknesses and guided to make it better. They conducted regular class tests and mock final tests for improving my writing skills for civil services Mains exam. I really thank Prabhakaran sir from bottom of my heart. His guidance in Public administration and other general studies subjects were very fruitful. He always showed faith on me. His personal guidance and motivation at all times provided me the strength to achieve my dream.


I came to chennai in search of a job.While trying for job i've decided to prepare for civil services and joined PRABHA IAS IPS COACHING ACADEMY and today i'm an IPS officer in Telangana cadre. All the credit of changing my life goes to God and the PRABHA academy. I've taken coaching only in Prabha academy. In this academy you will get personal attention. Sir will be always there to motivate you till you succeed.The instructors update their knowledge according to the changing patterns of UPSC. Public administration will be taught by Sir himself.His practical experience blended with knowledge in public administration will make a sure difference from other institutes. The frequent exams which we have taken up at PRABHA academy has made us soo confident in prelims and mains examination. What i'm today is because of Prabhakaran sir and academy. thank u very much.

Senthil Avoodai Krishna Raj S IPS SSP/STF/Uttarakhand

"I was working with BHEL, when I was preparing for this exam.Because of my job it was not possible for me to get leave for my preparation. In my Final and Successful attempt I could get only fifteen days leave for my mains preparation.It was only because of Shri. Prabhakaran sir's personal care and attention that I could do well in the main examination.He ensured that nothing comes in the form of hindrance for my preparation,there was no restriction on time,venue or any other thing.He was always available there to guide and help me. His lucid way of explaining the subjects helped me in understanding the concepts better and I was able to make a better presentation in the main exam.The final model exam which I took in Public Administration Paper-II was immensely helpful in writing the mains paper, as I felt major part of the questions I have rehearsed in the model test itself.Sirs guidance for the interview was a remarkable one.The entire preparation for the interview was done by me under sir's guidance and his personal care,attention and micro detailing made me to do well in the interview also.Apart from all these things,He always maintained my Morale high and my attitude was postive,which is very essential for success in the examinations. I owe my success to Shri. Prabhakaran sir."


The academy is more than a "Gurukulam", where the devotion and dedication is reciprocated with guidelines for optimistic approach, simplest but streamlined pathway, determined focus and surefire success. The Director, being experienced as Administrator in Government Services, Handling theories with practical knowledge and experience has led to have easy understanding of theories and its application on current issues. The concept of training with "Trainers being within" has got rid of the mental block among the aspirants to have open and free discussions on issues, which facilitates the aspirants to have an comprehensive approach and presentation the competitive examinations. The lectures on Public Administration and Current issues have been not only exam oriented, but also disseminated the value of being civil servant, which would clang into the ears as resonance forever. The mock interviews with highly experienced, talented officers from the field and further support through discussions and debates keep the aspirants in a positive brim to face the panel without any inhibitions. The sincerity and dedication in bringing everyone into the success lane has been the breath and sweat of the Director, which has been the live channel for all the aspirants. My sincere thanks and devotion to the Director and the institute forever....


Dear sir, your personal guidance and motivation at every level of my early civil service preparation can't describe in words.In fact,i was zero in public administration paper.only because of your simple teaching methodology ,helped me to grasp even complex concept easily with interest and passion.i took tat subject confidently n scored 330 in my first attempt .I can say that Prabha IAS academy is the most eminent n best academy in INDIA especially for public adm subject.your vast experience helped and moulded me to write descriptive answer for mains exam well structured and to the focus manner.Interview guidance was really shaped and tuned me to be an optimistic personality I felt your personal care and monitoring of my progress which enabled me to rectify my mistakes at every stage.i cant thank you in words sir...thank you so much sir......


I joined Prabha IAS IPS Academy .They has been a huge support in helping me clearing the exam in my very first attempt. They helped me identify what to study and what not to study and assisted me in forming my own strategy for clearing the exams. The weekly tests and the test series conducted after finishing the syllabus were useful as a writing practice to manage our time, words and content. The mock interviews were conducted with eminent serving officers and helped me overcome the fear of facing a panel on the actual day of Personality Test. Prabhakaran sir is an expert in Indian Polity and Public Administration. But more than that, he is an inspiration and motivating factor to every student in the institute. He had tremendous faith in me and constantly assured me of success in the exam. It helped me to motivate myself whenever I had doubts if I would clear the exam. He would give us tips in every class that would be helpful throughout the preparation and in all three stages of the exam. He took personal care of each and every aspirant who is keen on becoming a good civil servant. He not only helps us to clear the exam but also moulds us to become good civil servants like him.


I attended the Prelims, Mains & Pub-Ad classes conducted by Prabhakar sir . All through, the course covered all aspects necessary for succeeding in the Civil Services exam. Of particular mention is sir's handling of Polity, in which he is undoubtedly an authority, which gives conceptual clarity in the subject. Having been a field-man himself, sir's practical wisdom helps in better retention of many concepts in Polity. We were able to directly relate to many of the laws. Likewise, sir's handling of Public Administration imparted a very realistic and pragmatic approach to the subject which I found useful. What made the classes all the more interesting were the many stories sir used to recollect, from his days in the service. Though I attended the class only one year, sir treated me as his student all through and was always ready to offer me suggestions on preparation, which is why he readily asked me to attend the Mains test series when I cleared the prelims, free of cost. Subsequently, his coaching for interview was also in line with how UPSC tests us. He organized study groups amongst the students so we could cover multiple issues as well as look at each of our profiles in a detailed manner. The icing on the cake was the mock interviews he arranged - with the panel consisting of currently-serving IRS, IPS, IAS & IFS officers, which imparted a pretty realistic setting of the actual interview. Till date, Prabha's remains the only coaching institute I attended and I found it more than sufficient to address all aspects of my preparation.I am extremely grateful to sir for his guidance and support in my Civil Services journey.

BRAHMA VIDHYA IRS IT Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax

ACHIEVER’S ACHIEVED IN ACHIEVEMENT BY DEDICATED PERSONS I got dedicated person in my family MY MOTHER and Respected Teacher ,Dedicated person MR PRABHAKARAN sir, Director of Prabha Institute who made me to achieve in the prestigious civil service examination. I am Professionally a medico serving as a Medical officer in Chennai corporation joined Prabha institute a year before.I want to express my deepest gratitude to Prabha Institute and Mr.Prabhakaran sir who made the person I am now. As for me , I came here with lot of confusion, disappointment, ambiguity,fear,etc.. but I have full of ideas and aspirations. Mr.Prabhakaran sir guided me to overcome my fear and motivated me in each and every aspects. Whatever small steps he taught in the class & the test encouraged me to explore my potential. I want to contribute my success to this institution. I want to become the part of this friendly and favourable environment.Certainly,it was not so easy and I had to apply certain strategies for my integration into this preparation.But the presence of clear mind,proper qualities and institution faculty allowed me to do so.It was my merit as well as the merit of my institution because I wouldn’t be so successful in the absence of that special environment. For future aspirants,Remember that you should participate in the lives of other people because your help may become crucial for the success of another person. Everyone will face a lot of challenges and obstacles on your life way. It is only your inner power,will and real skills that help you to get out of those troubles brilliantly. Also,I suggest you to value each moment of our institute experience. You ‘ll find that it is not as difficult as it may seem but the result of such work cannot be compared to anything else. You study in the institute which provides you with the great base. ‘Use it and Value it’ . Instead of studying Ethics,Integrity,probity you will experience it in the classroom that is the value of our institute. I learnt to bring Principles,Punctuality,Dedication into my life by studying from this institute. As for me ,I can state I am glad that I entered this institute in due time that I developed my skills and gained new knowledge here. I raise my confidence enormously. I appreciate deeply and sincerely the oppurtunities my institute gave it to me. I have used them and succeded. I feel pride and inspired. It is wonderful and worth of remembering. I want myself to be successful in each and every endeavour & will always remember our institute which gave a new start in my life.! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST


I joined Prabha IAS academy in part-time batch. I tasted my first success in Prelims and second one by getting IRS (C&CE). I take this opportunity to thank Prabha IAS Academy for making me to reach this goal. The very motivation and effective attention given by my mentor Mr. Prabhakaran (sir) has made me to attain this key mile stone in my life. For Public Administration, Indian Polity and GS-IV (Ethics and Emotional Intelligence), I had no other references than Sir's class and notes. Other than the subjects, Sir focused on elimination technique (prelims), time management, word management and structured answer writing skills, which were the key factors that I concentrated to clear exams. The mock interview sessions and feedback added value to shape myself. The discipline, punctuality, sincerity, determination and the spirit of 'working professionals can clear civil services' were inculcated in me during my stages of preparation at this academy. The faculty including Mrs Sangeetha (Madam), Mr. Shyamsundar IRS (sir) and Mrs. Abirami (Madam) gave me a conceptual clarity on the other core subjects that drives the civil services exams. I still remember sir's words, "This success is just a beginning", which I feel is a reminder for me to achieve more in coming future.Thank you so much sir, for molding me as a Civil Servant.