Model Test

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Model Test

1).I)Tp spend any amount fromConsolidated Fund or Public Account Parliament authorisation is necessary.
II)Fiscal Deficit indicate Borrowing to be made by Govt.

2).Which were added to Part IV through 42nd amendment?
1)Equal Pay for Equal Work
2)Protection of Environment
3)Right to Education

3).Among following who are not covered by Pleasure Doctrine or Who have Security of Tenure?
3)State Election Commissionner

4).Which are methods of acquiring Indian Citizenship?
1)Acquisition of Property

5).Among following which relates to Jammu and Kashmir?
1)Art 370
2)Art 371
3)Art 35A

6).What is WRONG about Attorney General of India?

7).What is WRONG about Finance Commission of India?

8).Which amendment gave priority to Articles 39(b) and (c) over Art 14 and 19?

9).First Panchayat Raj is independent India was created in 1959 at

10).Find the WRONG pair

11).Which was added to Schedule 1 through Amendment?

12).What is NOT related to Speaker

13).Which is oldest Committee in India?

14).Which Article has been abolished by 101st amendment?

15).Kesavananda Bharathi’s case held
1)Preamble is part of Constitution
2)25th Amendment is Valid
3)Preamble can be amended

16).Which Committee first recommended Constitutional status to Panchayats?

17).Right to Privacy was held to be part of Fundamental Right under Article---- in Jus Puttasamy case

18).I)Judge of Supreme Court will be administered Oath of Office by Chief Justice of India.
II)Judge of High Court submits his resignation to Chief Justice of India.

19).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Schedule 2-Form of Oath
2)Schedule 3-Salaries
3)Schedule 4-Number of seats from each State and UT to Council of States.

20).Passing of which Motion does not amount to loss of Govt?

21).Find the TRUE statement

22).Find the WRONG pair

23).What are features of 73rd amendment?
1)Nagar Panchayat
2)Dt Planning Committee
3) Optional Reservaton for BC

24).Which is NOT State under Article 12?

25).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Preventive Detention-Union and Concurrent List
2)Audit of Union List-Union List
3)Audit of State-State List

26).Among following which Committee is only from Lok Sabha?

27).All India service can be created by

28).What are TRUE about Fundamental Duties?
1)Added to Part IV A as per 44th Amendment
2)Recomended by Santhanam Committee
3)Adopted from France

29).Whatis NOT feature of 74th amendment?

30).I)Right to property was taken away through 44th AMENDMENT.
II)Right to formcooperatives is a Fundamental Right now.

31).Which cannot be suspended at all?
1)Right to Life
2)Right against double jeopardy
3)Right to Constitutional remedy

32).Which is NOT under Schedule 8?

33).Decisions in Joint Sitting of Parliament under Art 108 are taken by

34).Judicial Review in India was taken from the Constitution of

35).Which is NOIT Function of UPSC?

36).Which is Not Fundamental Duty?

37).Part IX B was added through ----amendment

38).Find the WRONG statement

39).Who can suspend most of theFundamental Rights during National Emergency?

40).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Schedule 9-Article 31B
2)Schedule 10-91st amendment
3)Schedule 12-19 Subjects.

41).I)Chairman Rajya Sabha is nor member of Rajya Sabha.
II)Chairman Rajya Sabha has no casting vote in case of tie.

42).I)Objective Reolution moved on 13th December 1946 by Jawaharlal Nehru became Directive Principles of State Policy.
II)26th November date of adoptation of Constitution is celebrated as National Law Day in India.

43).Which is NOT True about UPSC/PSC?

44).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Equal Pay for Quual Work-Part III
2)Right to Education betweenn 6 to 14 Years-Part IV
3)Duty of parents to send chldren to School-Part IV A

45).To give effect to International Treaty Union can enact under subject in State Kist as per Art

46).Find the WRONG pair

47).Which is NOT under Schedule 12?

48).National Judicial Appointment Commission finds mention through-----amendment

49).Find the WRONG statement

50).Which is NOT All India Service today even though it finds place in Constitution?

51).Sanjeeva Reddy was

52).Who votes in President Election but cannot take part in his Impeachment?

53).I)President in the Chairman of Inter State Council.
II)Prime Minister is Chairman of Zonal Councils.

54).Among following which are available only to Citizens?
1)Right against Preventive Detention
2)Equality in Public Employment
3)Right to Life

55).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Union Finance Minister-Constitutional Status
2)Dy Prime Minister-Statutory Post
3)Dy Chairman NITI AAYOG-Cabinet Creration

56).I)Number of Judges of Supreme Court can be increased by Parliament through simple majority
II)Number of Judges of State High court can be increased by President of India.

57).Find the Right pair

58).Which are National Parties today?

59).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Art 61-Impeachment
2)Art 72-Advice Concept
3)Art 111-ordinance Making power

60).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Inter State Water Disputes-Art 262
2)Inter State Council-Art 263
3)Zonal Council Art 263 A

61).Parliamenr has no power to amend Fundamental Rights was decided in

62).Supreme Court is Court ofRecord as per Art 129.It means
I)Its judgments have evidentary value in all subordinate Courts.
II)It can punish for its own contempt.

63).Which are under Premable?
1)Economic Justice
3)Religious Right

64).Find the WRONG statement

65).I)Reservation for SC/ST is available in Parliament for 70 years from commencement of Constitution.
II)National Commission for SC finds mention under Art 340

66).Ordinance promulgated by president has to be ratified within---by Parliament on meeting

67).What you cannot do directly cannot be done indirectly is known as

68).Among following which had impact on Part III?
1)84th Amendment
2)86th Amendment
3)97th Amendment

69).Find the TRUE statement

70).World Liberty under Preamble taken from

71).I)Word Socialist added through 44th amendment to Preamble.
II)Berubari case held Premble IS PART OF Constitution

72).Who can change language of High Court from English?

73).I)Vacancy of President to be filled within 6 months.
II)Vacancy of Vice President has to be filled in as soon as possible.

74).What is NOT True about Money Bill?

75).Martial Law finds place under Article

76).What are TRUE about Advisory Opinion of Supreme Court?
1)Finds mention under Art 143
2)Supreme Court is not bound to give it.
3)President is not bound by the opinion given

77).Which amendment enable one Governor for one or more States?

78).Objectives in Preamble are for

79).What was NOT added/deleted through 44th amendment toArticle 352?

80).Find the WRONG statement

81).I)Appropriation Bill authorise Receipts/Tax
II)Finance Bill authorise Expenditure.

82).Writ directing public servant to explain under what authority he is holding public post is

83).Find the WRONG statement

84).I)Parliament can form new state but cannot admit new state.
II)Procedure for admission and formation of new State are different.

85).Which was landmark judgment on Article 356?

86).Parliament consis of
2)Lok Sabha
3)Rajya Sabha

87).Amount authorised as advance pending passage of Budget is known as

88).Which are Basic Structures of Constitution?
1)Objectives in Preamble
2)Religious Rights
3)Right to Constitutional Remedy

89).I)Parliament can create or abolish State Legislative Councils in the State.
II)State Governor can nominate personin Cooperation movement to State Legislative Council.

90).Arrange chronologically from Formation

91).Find the WRONG pair

92).Among following which State send more than one member to Lok Sabha

93).Which is NOT charged Expenditure upon Consolidated Fund of Union?

94).What are RIGHTLY matched?
1)Awards and Titles-Art 17
2)Preventive Detention-Art 21
3)Gets automatic Suspension on National Emergency-Art 19

95).Which is Fundamental in Governance?

96).What are TRUE statements?
1)To be appointed as Supreme Court Judge, a person must have worked in State High Court as Judge for 10 Years.
2)To be appoited as Judge of High Court a person should have practice for 10 Years in High Court.
3)Judge of High Court can be removed for proved misbehaviour or incapacity.

97).Indian Citizenship can be regulated by

98).Among following which amendment requires ratification by more than half of States?

99).I)Authorised strength of Lok Sabha is 552 including 2 nominated members.
II)Authorised strength of Rajya Sabha is 245 including 12 nominated members.

100).What is WRONG about GST Council?